Luerssen Defence
  • Fast patrol boats Fast patrol boats
  • OPV´s OPV´s
  • Corvettes Corvettes
  • Frigates Frigates
  • Minesweepers & minehunters Minesweepers & minehunters
  • Fleet support vessels Fleet support vessels

A special ship for each mission.

The ideas and demands of our customers are key factors in the success of Lürssen naval vessels. Nothing motivates us more than the challenge of fulfilling exacting demands.

Speed, innovative propulsion systems, densely integrated effectors and sensors, outstanding agility and operating range – these are just some of the properties that set Lürssen naval vessels apart from competitors.

Whether fast patrol boat, offshore patrol vessel, corvette, frigate, minehunter or fleet support vessel, Lürssen has set standards for each ship type.
These strengths coupled with short and reliable delivery times form the foundation of our capacity to perform and have earned us the trust of many navies all over the world.